Teletubbies in Black and White, Set to Joy Division

I find this comforting, like a Bergman movie.

[via Mashable. Much love to Nathan for this.]


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  1. genius. thank-you


  2. That should have been a dream sequence in Donnie Darko

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    • Genius!! Yes, that would have fit so well. And possibly even improved on a great work.


  3. why am i teary? my baby who loved the teletubbies is 17 now and prefers the music…


  4. I just love this…


  5. What the fuck

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  6. This is perfect.


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    Haunting version of the Teletubbies with Joy Division soundtracking black and white clips. We didn’t have a colour TV until I was about eleven yet seem to remember the shows from the late seventies and early eighties never looked this gloomy


  8. Beautiful emptiness for the discerning toddler.


  9. Fantastic!!


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    Love JOY


  11. GREAT Imagination//Ideas Congrats, reblogged this


  12. Oddly puts me in mind of the New Order ‘True Faith’ video. Wonderful.


  13. I couldn’t stop watching…over and over and over–somebody stop me!


  14. play it to this song


  15. I can’t stop watching it either! It is like a 20th century tone poem about longing. There is a very authentic vision here. Who would have thought Teletubbies could be so representative of our desire for metaphysical connection?


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    This makes me so happy!


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