BREAKING NEWS! Peggy Riding Around on a Motorcycle is Your New Favorite Mad Men GIF!

I know I should be catching up on irresponsible Mad Men recaps as previously promised, and we’ll definitely get there (sometime before the fifth season, guaranteed!) at some point,  but sometimes blog promises of catching up are meant to be blog broken, and this GIF of Peggy Olsen riding around on a red motorocycle is one of them.  From last night’s Mad Men episode, “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword,” comes the new Mad Men GIF hotness, Peggy riding about on a Honda motorcycle:

So see?  I told you it was your new favorite.

And as for GIF of Pete Campbell dancing?  You know I love you, baby, and you’ll always be my first, but I think it’s time we started seeing other people.

Much love to Videogum’s werttrew for this one.

UPDATE (8.25.10):  As werttrew noted in the comments, the original source of this most beloved GIF is from the fine folks over at ONTD.

7 Responses

  1. how did you know?!


  2. Sublime. I can’t wait for the recaps!


  3. I love this so much. A commenter on the Basket of Kisses blog actually said “I’d love to have an endless loop of Peggy on the Honda as an animated GIF” so I pointed them here. 🙂


  4. […] taking the Honda motorcycle on a ride in an empty studio. Just awesome. The gif below is courtesy Nobody Puts Baby In a Horner and Videogum commenter […]


  5. Thank you very much for the credit for that gif! To be fair, I should note that I stole it myself from ONTD:


  6. You sir (m’am?) have made my day, possibly week.


  7. Is there anyone who can make a screencapture of this GIF just as Peggy is at the center of the frame? Cooool.


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