Since It’s Madonna’s Birthday, Here’s an Ice Cream GIF Cake and a Fabubonkers Performance

Would it be too much of a gay cliché to take a momentary respite from our previously scheduled blog catch up and wish Madonna, Queen of Pop and Grand Madame of Contemporary Gay Icons, a happy birthday?  HA, of course it would, which is precisely why it must be done!  Besides, we can all agree nothing effectively pays tribute to the woman who has helped shape the pop music landscape for nearly 30 years quite like a homemade ice cream GIF cake, and homemade ice cream GIF cakes just so happen to be one of my specialties:


And just in case you’re you don’t know from where the above Madonna image came, allow me to introduce you to Madonna’s Confessions Tour opener, “Future Lovers/I Feel Love,” which is certifiably fabubonkers:

Yes, Madonna makes her stage entrance in an exploding mirror ball.  Yes, her dancers are dressed in avant garde horseplay-themed BDSM couture.  Yes, she covers Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” at the end of the performance.  Once you’ve gotten all those head ‘splosions out of your system, I think you’ll agree: this performance is both fabulous AND bonkers.  Or, like I said, fabubonkers.

So happy big five-two, Madonna!  The queen over at this little corner of the interwebs bows down you to you, Her Madgesty.

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