These Actresses Auditioning for Hannibal Lecter Are…TO DIE FOR 

Like the Gone with the Wind clip before it, this Casting Call video from W Magazine keeps with the gender flipped twist, but this time everyone is reading for the role of Hannibal Lecter circa Jonathan Demme’s Silence of the Lambs.

The title claims that Jane Fonda and Kristen Wiig will “give you chills” as they read for the role, but I’m pretty certain W was being cheeky, because the only shivers I’m getting are from all the pleasure. Let it be known, Ladies Who Lecter:

hannibal i love your work

Kristen Wiig auditions for what is without reservation the follow-up to The Spoils Before Dying of my hopes and dreams. Jane Fonda eats the scenery like Susan Powter eats a pear, Faye Dunaway eats a hard boiled egg, I eat a hot dog, or Hannibal eats the rude (with relish). Mya Taylor plays Lecter with sass, Carey Mulligan plays Lecter with sophistication, and Greta Gerwig has already been cast in a mumblecore remake. It’s filming in a loft apartment in Canarsie and will only cost $10.

As much as I’d watch each of these leading ladies play Hannibal Lecter for days, though, I wish they’d gotten Rooney Mara to read for the role, too, because this is the look you wear when you call somebody a “rube”:

rooney mara gone with the wind w magazine

Or better still, just put Mads Mikkelsen in a wig and call it a day:


[“I love your work” Hannibal GIF via NBCHannibal.tumblr]

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