TGIF! Now Here’s 29 Celebrities Serving Some Gone With The Wind Realness

It’s Friday, so instead of overthinking it, I thought we could all use this video from W Magazine of 29 celebrities serving some gender-flipped Gone With The Wind realness. Nobody made a dress out of window treatments (unfortunately), but all of our favorites are here, and everybody is ACTING like it’s Awards Season and they’d like your vote, please.

Obviously, I love it.

Cate Blanchett is breaking the fourth wall and talking about her craft and still ACTING (so meta!), Jane Fonda is reminding us we’re #blessed to live during the same time as Jane Fonda, Eddie Redmayne seems to be wearing an angora sweater, Bryan Cranston is giving Vivien Leigh such a run for her money I hope his next role is Blanche DuBois, and Rooney Mara is giving us blunt bang insanity FOR DAYS.

rooney mara gone with the wind w magazine

In short, everything about this video is perfect, and I could say more, but it’s Friday, and frankly my dear…well, you know.

[via W Magazine; much love to Ana for this one]

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