The Music Video for Brandon Flowers’s “Crossfire” Has Got EVERYTHING

I’m not kidding, either.  The video for “Crossfire,” the first single off Brandon Flower’s forthcoming solo album Flamingo, has got action:

And ninjas!

It’s got Brandon Flowers as a man-damsel in distress:

Scruffy man-damsel deliciousness!

But most importantly, it’s got Charlize Theron (whaaa!?!):

And–f*ck yeah!–more ninjas!  Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, what more could ask for?  That’s right: NOTHING.  So sit back and enjoy “Crossfire,” y’all:

Mmm…fantastiche.  You really have to love how Charlize Theron is such a badass, ninja-killing bitch, and how Brandon Flowers remains as pretty and charmingly fey as ever.  This is probably why he inhabits such a warm little nook in the cockles of my homo heart.  Though how could I forgot the clever reversal of gender roles that runs throughout this video and is so perfectly punctuated in its final shot?

You can totally ask “Crossfire” for that, too.  Just don’t go around making any more demands.  I mean, honestly, it only makes you look greedy.

Much love to Stereogum for the video and Vulture for the heads up.

2 Responses

  1. Only Charlize Theron could give FACE while elbowing a ninja in the jaw.

    Love it.


  2. I have a feeling that Brandon would rather have Stuart Townsend save him from ninjas.


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