Did You Know That Tomorrow You’re Watching “30 Rock”? Well, Now You Do
February 4, 2009

I’m glad I’ve cleared things up for you.  It’d be pity if you didn’t know about the plans you didn’t know you already have.  Seriously, though, you’re watching 30 Rock tomorrow.  Not because it’s the funniest show on television (just ask the Golden Globes!) or because Alec Baldwin is brazilliantly hysterical (though he totally is) OR because Tina Fey is certifiably the best (and she really totally is and she should call me so we can get coffee and see movies at repertory theaters and laugh and talk about boys).  You already know all, right?  Right.  Done.

No, the reason you’re watching this week’s 30 Rock is as follows:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mmmmm…frosting-scented Hamm*.  Seriously, the concept of putting Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm on 30 Rock is probably just too much for you to handle (you=me, le duh).  Mad Men is possibly the best drama on television, a fabulous hour of richly nuanced characters further enriched by fascinating socio-cultural/historical commentary.  And let’s not forget the art design.  It’s faaaaaabulous.  Blending my two favorite flavors is like when Starbucks invented the Toffee Nut Latte.  We get a three-episode arc that is the TV equivalent of the most delectable bourgie coffee drink.  Ever.  WATCH IT!!!

And I’d like to add that every time I watch that clip I hear a popping noise in my head.  I assume the popping noise is the sound of a paradigm shifting.  I’d better stock up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for when the full episode airs.

*As a side note, I can’t help but believe that the concept of a frosting-scented Jon Hamm is nigh infallible.  I can be completely behind genetic modification and cloning so long as it would be used towards good (good, of course, is ensuring that frosting-scented Jon Hamms are all our boyfriends).  Let’s Gattaca that shit, STAT!

Thanks Videogum!

Ugh, Just Stop It, Slumdog Millionaire
February 4, 2009

When the Slumdog Millionaire trailer came out, I cried (don’t judge me!  Sigur Ros used in trailers has that effect on me!!).  When I saw the movie, I cried some more.  Whatever.  I have a nougat-soft sentimental side, and I liked the movie.  These things happen.  But then this happened, and this too, and it’ll probably happen again, and I’ve started to cry for a different reason.slumdog-millionaire-fl-021

It’s not that I hated the movie or am trying to jump on some backlash bandwagon.  Fine, Slumdog Millionaire, you’re this year’s Little Miss Sunshine/Juno.  You’re safe for mass consumption yet just edgy and international enough to make people feel like they’re broadening their horizons.  Neat.  But now you’ve gone too far, and you MUST be stopped.


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