Fact of the Day: Zachary Quinto Makes Everything Sexier
June 12, 2009

It’s common knowledge that Zachary Quinto’s one seriously delicious piece of man:

zachary quinto swoon

It’s also common knowledge that, no matter what he does, he sets the world’s loins afire.  Can you blame Uhura for wanting to get it on with his Spock in Star Trek?  Nope.  Even eating superhero brains in Heroes can’t act as a deterrent to his dangerously high levels of sexy.  I feel like he could play Nazi that kicks puppies and hates babies, but I’d still gladly play hausfrau so long as he please not talk about work at the dinner table; he knows how it ruins my appetite for spätzle.

Needless to say, Mr. Quinto continues his tyrannical reign of sexy with this inexplicable 56-second video.  It doesn’t make damn drop of sense and probably constitutes a total waste of milk, which is obviously ridiculous to waste because WE’RE IN A RECESSION, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a fierce case of the vapors:  


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch this on loop for the next hour.

Cheers to Best Week Ever for finding this sexy thing, whatever precisely it may be.

Now That We’re Back in Blog Action, Let’s Discuss Star Trek
May 14, 2009

star trek wicked awesome

Sometimes you need a blog break, a short hiatus to take a blog breather and recharge your blog batteries.  Some people take this is the form of a stay-cation, or perhaps they take a debauched long weekend in Las Vegas, or maybe instead it’s a quiet rest in a cabin in the mountains that’s far away from civilization.  In my case, you spend time with the family for Mother’s Day.  And you see Star Trek.  Hot damn does that movie ever do the blog body good.  

I recognize, what with it only being a mere two weeks into summer movie season and all, that I may be veering into full-on nerd hyperbole by making the following statement, but seriously, y’all: Star Trek is this summer’s best escapism.  It really has everything you could ask for in a summer movie.  There’s Chris Pine being hot and brash as James Kirk.  You’ve got Zachary Quinto being hot and Vulcan as an emotionally complicated Spock.  Eric Bana does his magic (aka, being hot) while also being evil and bald as the villainous Romulan Nero.  We also get Zoe Saldana being hot and feisty fierce as Uhura, and James Cho also being hot and doing some totally bitchin’ sword fighting as Sulu.  And, oh yeah, there’s also some of the most dazzling (and in all likelihood the most coherent) action sequences you’ll see all summer.


This Star Trek Poster is Excitement Icing on the Amazing Cake
May 6, 2009

Fact: The new Star Trek looks totally incredible, y’all.

As such, I challenge to find a single thing wrong with this poster:

star trek poster

Ha, trick question!  This poster is flawless.  FLAWLESS.

Lots of movies get made, and they all have posters.  Some posters are good, and other posters are bad, and a select few posters just make you shut up and silently freak your shit out on the subway platform as you hope you don’t publicly wet yourself and silently and speedily repeat in your head, “CANNOTWAITCANNOTWAITCANNOTWAIT.”  Such is this poster for Star Trek.

From the very first teaser trailer, J.J. Abrams and the crew responsible for advertising the Star Trek reboot have done a fine job at tapping into the iconography of the classic series while also trumpeting this as a unique reinvention of a visionary franchise, and this poster is no exception.  If the Star Trek franchise has gradually grown into a parody of itself over the years (or, at the least, so bloated as to warrant parody), then Abram’s film looks to shake the series free of those shackles.


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