I Can’t Believe the News Today! Tragedy Has Struck Broadway!
August 12, 2009

Mon dieu, y’all!  Did you hear the news today about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the Spider-Man musical that was to be directed by Julie Taymor and has songs written by Bono and the Edge?  It’s simply terrible:

spider-man musical hiatus

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Not an indefinite hiatus!  Damn you, recession!   You’re ruining EVERYTHING.

The New York Post has the details:

Last week, production crews at both the Hilton Theatre and the scene shop where the show was being built were put on “hiatus” because the producers ran out of money. Assistants in the scene shop “ran to the bank to cash their checks because they weren’t sure they’d clear,” a source says.

Now comes word that the actors have been released from their contracts, with no incentive (i.e., money) to hang around waiting for the production to get back on track.

While I’m rather certain Shmarker will be deeply disappointed by this news, I personally can’t say that I’m that sad.  Or even surprised.


I Guess I’m Excited About Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?
February 26, 2009

Apparently some people I know have me pegged as being particularly excited about this lil’ piece of news:


Hrmmm, I wonder why?  Could it be because I’m a nerd, or is it that to say that I like U2 is a gross understatement.  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, the sentiment was appreciated, but also:

I already knew that!  My nerdiness is lightning-quick like that, and if you really think I’m not going to be refreshing the official Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark website multiple times daily in eager anticipation of breaking news and/or ticket sales, then you obviously don’t know me or my obsessive tendencies in the slightest.

That doesn’t mean I’m not skeptical though.


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