Lee DeWyze’s “Beautiful Day” Must Be Stopped
May 26, 2010

It has come to my attention that if Lee DeWyze wins this season’s American Idol, his first single will be his rendition of U2’s “Beautiful Day.”  That is unacceptable, because his version is just like the leather hoodie he’s wearing during this performance (AWFUL):


Sure, I recognize that many of you out there are like, “But Benjamin, what version of ‘Beautiful Day’ doesn’t suck?” and that’s fine.  Seeing as I’m too-U2-fanboy-to-function (as has been repeatedly evidenced here), I’m inclined to disagree, but disagreeing is one of those things upon which we can all agree.  And you know what else we can agree on?  Lee DeWyze’s version is a total bore.


Lost Humor Never Gets Old
April 3, 2009

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Smoke monster.

Smoke monster who?

Smoke-monster-related fake advertisements from the Dharma Initiative are the best.  Duh.


This fake ad really speaks for itself.  I really don’t need to preempt it with my babbling, but I just wanted an excuse to link back to that Sayid video.  I’ll take any excuse, really.  Gay marriage is legal in Iowa?  Sayid video.  Fast & Furious opens to dismal reviews?  Sayid video.  Why, you ask?

Because “I guess that’s more of a fact than a joke” will never get old.  If anything, that line is my constant.

Thanks to Jiro for finding this.

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