Give Me a Good Reason to Not See Chéri
April 2, 2009

Oh, wait, there are none.  Just look at this period-piece hotness:

This.  Looks.  Fabulous.  

I would gladly just sit for forever watching Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates read each other the phone book while lunching on tuna sandwiches and getting pedicures.  I’m not quite sure why I have such a specific image in my head, but if you imagine it, you too will realize that its incredibly delightful.  Throwing them in such gorgeous and colorful costumes and casting them as retired courtesans in turn-of-the-century Paris is like a delectable, pink buttercream icing on an already decadent homo cake.  Knowing that Stephen Frears, who’s responsible for some damn fine films like High Fidelity and Dirty Pretty Things, is playing chef to this cinematic dessert only confirms the already obvious: Chéri will be delicious.  

June 26th cannot come quickly enough!  Me so hungry right now!

You Only Need Mention That Liev Schreiber’s in Drag to Sell Taking Woodstock
March 26, 2009

Everything else is just gravy.  The fact that Imelda Staunton and Eugene Levy are in the cast, or that it’s directed by Ang Lee (he’s always great), or that Demetri Martin plays gay?  So much gravy on top of the perfectly crafted mashed potatoes that is Liev Shcreiber doing drag:

It’s quite pleasurable to see Ang Lee loosen up his style so much in this one.  I had to watch the trailer a couple of times, but there’s something in the look that reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, but more joyous instead of repressed.  This somehow seems fitting, given that Elliot Tibor (Demetri Martin) himself was gay.

I’m really quite pleased to see that Demetri Martin’s character isn’t just another stereotypically fey caricature, and the Wikipedia article on Taking Woodstock makes the movie positively tantalizing.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Demetri’s married, closeted lover?  That’s plenty good for me, but the fact that this movie could essentially be kicking off its story with the Stonewall Riots has put my anticipation factor to boiling.  I recognize that a trailer premiering after an episode Important Things with Demetri Martin won’t likely really drop any of that into the trailer (the show’s not called Homo Things with Demetri Martin, y’all).  I hope Focus Features puts out another trailer that gives a bit more of a hint at all the layers to this movie; the trailer just feels a bit too light-comedy for an Ang Lee film.  Still, though: boiling anticipation.  BOILING!

Cheers to Vulture posting the trailer and /Film for the more homocentric plot summary.

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