Looks Like Someone at Newsweek Got ZING!’ed at Last Night’s Tonys
June 14, 2010

Remember that one time we all got to talking about how Newsweek‘s very own Ramin Setoodeh got to talking about how Sean Hayes is too gay to function play straight opposite Kristin Chenoweth in the Broadway revival of Promises, Promises?

Of course you do.

Anyways, Sean Hayes totally responded to that mess last night while hosting the Tony Awards last night in the most clever, classy way possible:


Sean Hayes Will Never Be Too Gay For Anything
May 13, 2010

The folks over at Slant Magazine‘s blog, The House Next Door, were kind enough to let me get up on my big, gay soap box (it’s a lil’ bit bedazzled, quelle surprise) and share my thoughts about Ramin Setoodeh’s recent Sean-Hayes-is-too-gay-for-a-Broadway-musical-co-starring-Kristin-Chenoweth debacle, so if you’ve ever wondered what I’m like when I haven’t chased a handful of crazy pills with a double shot of espresso, you can check out the piece here.  Maybe it’s just me, but that’s sorta like inviting a foul-mouthed drag queen to a black tie event.  Enjoy!

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