The Bestest: The Video for “Laid” Was Apparently Filmed Inside My Head
February 28, 2009

I’d never really picked-up on the band James, but I always knew their song “Laid” as that pop song I liked that was in the trailer for American Pie.  Then today I was perusing wikipedia to see what other bands Brian Eno has produced, and a Manchester band by the name of James was mentioned.  If U2 and Coldplay hold any sort of proof positive, it’s that Brian Eno is the Worcestershire sauce for UK rock: he makes them just taste better.  So imagine my surprise when I came upon this little candy-colored, acid-laced cupcake of nostalgic awesomeness:

I’m quite glad that I never saw this video before today because I’m pretty sure I would’ve just been confused, but now it’s just a checklist of things that I love, including but not limited to:

  • Jacques Demy-esque pastels
  • Fancifully energetic frontmen
  • Dolly zooms (aka the Vertigo zoom; see 0:26 and 1:14 in the video)
  • 50s kitsch set decoration, costuming, and general aesthetic ambience
  • Subtitles in a music video
  • Gender roles
  • Drag

Then there’s this shot, which might be the most formally brilliant shot.  Ever:


Look at What U2 Cooked Up in the Awesome Lab
February 6, 2009


I should have picked up a few of these before I went over to watch the new video for “Get On Your Boots.”  So much is going on in it!  I feel like I need to watch it at least 100 more times before I can really appreciate all that’s going on in it.  Oh who am I kidding?  I probably need a 1000 more times, or I should just put it on a perpetual loop to play until 2012.  Seriously, consider my mind blown.  Get on your brain protection helmets, y’all, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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