And Then There Were Three
July 15, 2009

I swear, y’all!  I go away for one extended weekend and suddenly this blog’s gone to shenanigans!  Shmathan’s stripping down and getting the vapors over some sort of beefcake (I must admit that I’m partial to Red Velvet, so he can have at that), Shmarker lost his blogging v-card with an impressive 2,000+ words of crazy (not a bad thing, but this is a blog and not James Joyce’s Ulysses), and I’m in the midst of a blog existential crisis: Am I still the gay blogger version of Emperor Palpatine?  I know there can be only two, but now I’ve got three!  DAMNIT!  Rules are rules, so I guess, it’s time to emulate bigger and badder bitches.  Like this mind-blowing piece of undeniable gorgeousness:

Heidi Fleiss

Yup, that’s right: Heidi “Hollywood’s Madam” Fleiss.  I figure that, if I’m gonna be running a veritable brothel of blogertainment, I might as well model myself after the epitome of class.  After all, it was Ms. Fleiss that educated us on Charlie Sheen’s great love for hookers.  If it weren’t for that bombshell, his marriage to Denise Richards would’ve never made any sense!

When you think about it, she’s the perfect role model.  She has a celebrated career in Hollywood, a keen entrepreneurial sense, and naturally stunning features.  She also makes excellent choices.

Oh, wait:


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