Eat a Deviled Crab Pâté With Vermouth and Oreo Sandwich
July 21, 2011

To explain:

As an office dare, I ate a deviled crab pate with vermouth and Oreo chocolate cookie sandwich for twenty bucks. This video is my reaction.


The Dancing Squid Is Basically the Real-Life Nannerpuss
July 20, 2011

Most days over at this corner of the internet are devoted to sharing the camp curios and other various batsh*t crazy paraphernalia of the interwebs. Or, at the very least, yet another Showgirls reference, because Showgirls references NEVER get old. Then, of course, there are the days when your parents are about to come into town and you’ve spent your day off so far making the most of the city by eating a French Dip duck sandwich at Shopsin’s (trust me: you want to go to there), so the best offering you’ve come up with today is an old Denny’s commercial you’ve already previously posted because–much like Showgirls references–Nannerpuss never gets old.

Oh, and also: I just saw the following of this dancing squid, and it’s basically the real-life Nannerpuss:


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