If There’s Any Justice in the World, Seth McFarlane Will Never Win an Emmy
August 18, 2009

Seth McFarlane wants his show Family Guy to win an Emmy, y’all.  He wants it so badly, in fact, that he’s made a YouTube channel where he’s recycled a scene from an old episode, thrown in some poorly written new dialogue, and decided that this in fact qualifies as some sort of clever, viral campaigning.  Viral?  Likely.  Clever?  Hardly.

Barf bags ready?  Then behold:

Oh man, he’s right.  Nothing says “Give Me an Emmy” like extended sequences of violence and casual racism.  I guess this makes Seth McFarlane the love child of the Saw franchise and D.W. Griffith.  Awesome.  Pop open the bubbly ‘cos it’s Emmys all around.


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