Jersey Shore Deep Thoughts: On Enrique Iglesias’s “I Like It”
July 1, 2010

Last night, faithful reader and fellow pop culture blogger Alex brought this video to my attention, so you can thank/blame him for this one.  Here’s the music video for Enrique Iglesias’s “I Like It” featuring Pitbull.  Oh, and the cast of Jersey Shore:

First off: HUH?!?

Is Enrique Iglesias still cool kid music?  Did “Sad Eyes” make him hip again?  (Please let it be “Sad Eyes” that made him hip again because that video is AWESOME.)  Also, is a love of Enrique Iglesias some sort of secret, previously unspoken part of the guido subculture that Jersey Shore‘s second season will explore with the same nuance and cultural sensitivity that it brought to sausage and peppers and fist pumping and pickle sucking, or is this a we-set-this-one-in-Miami thing?

Where the hell is Sourpuss during this mess?

enrique iglesias i like it jersey shore version

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Angelina.  Did she pack up her trash bags and head back home again?

Do you know who loves fist pumping?  Guidos.  Do you know who loves fist pumping AND doing their best moves from The Matrix on people’s couches?  Enrique Iglesias.

But perhaps most importantly:


“Sad Eyes” Is Enrique Iglesias’s Showgirls con los Hombres
November 16, 2009

Firstly, it’s so bad it’s brilliant.  Oh, and there’s epic amounts of Enrique Iglesias’s perky moobs and enough thrilling stripper pole acrobatics that would have Nomi Malone contemplating whether or not she’s gonna have to shove a bitch down the stairs.  NSFW?  Most likely.  Not to be missed?  Indubitably:

Sweet mercy, there is so much of him compulsively engaging in the act of self love.  That’s basically all there is to this video: Enrique Iglesias touching himself like he’s just hit puberty, and then some Nomi-pool-sex lite in a bathtub.  So basically it’s Showgirls with a Dude.

All it needs is a moment where he and Ricky Martin, in the midst of their roaring success from pop music’s Latin Explosion, decide to take lunch at Spago.  They wax nostalgic about eating Puppy Chow, trade thoughts on having nice moobs, and then toast.  With chips.  Now that would push it into perfección.

Also, as a final thought, if this is meme be true:


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