Ranting and Raving about Captain America
July 15, 2009

–from Shmarker:

“Steve Rogers has come unstuck in time.”

Captain America Reborn 1 Alex Ross

Wait, don’t you mean Billy Pilgrim?  Or the Losties?  Mr. Brubaker, what is going on?

In March, 2007, Marvel Comics did the unthinkable, with no spoilers invading the internet until after the event happened: they killed an iconic comic book and pop-culture icon, one with almost 70 years of history.  After the events of their Civil War, Marvel Comics did the ballsy thing and continued with their political allegories masquerading as “funny pages”; they made an overt political statement by killing the embodiment of “America” as a character.  2007 marked the beginning of the final stretch of a controversial presidency, and Steve Rogers acted as Marvel’s reaction.  To Marvel Comics, the notion of America was dead.

There was no hype, like when Superman “died” at the hands of Doomsday or the banner running across Batman titles, telegraphing that he would be “RIP” (but HE’S unstuck in time, too!  However, he’s just in a prehistoric cave.  He’s not shifting in time).



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