Happy Easter, From a Good Egg
April 5, 2015

bette davis easter egg

And a happy birthday to Bette Davis! We love you!

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Here’s a Video of Two Kids Getting Scared by the Easter Bunny
April 24, 2011

After all, is there any better a way to serve as a reminder that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected so the world may have Cadbury Creme Eggs than somebody else’s future topic of therapy? I don’t think so. Happy Easter, y’all!

Much love to Dangerous Minds by way of Videogum!

TGI Good Friday! Now Here’s Here’s a Lady Explaining How Jesus Was a Mushroom
April 2, 2010

I’m not sure if posting this video on Good Friday counts as a religious no-no, but in my defense I’m also a terrible Catholic.  Seriously, I’m eating beef stew on a Friday, I’ve never been confirmed, and the only time I ever saw Jesus was in a Magic Eye poster at the mall when I was 12, which I’m pretty sure does not count.  Anyways, if your idea of blasphemy includes videos of British women possibly tripping balls and definitely insisting that Jesus was actually a psychotropic mushroom used in Sumerian sex orgies, then I highly suggest you DO NOT WATCH.  Otherwise, enjoy:

Okay then.

At first, I couldn’t really decide which response if more appropriate: this one, or this one.  But then I watched her performance of “Jesus Was a Mushroom”:


Forget Ben-Hur. This Video is How You Celebrate Easter
April 12, 2009

As a rule of thumb, I hate the over-baked aesthetics of Guy Ritchie movies.  All the shaky camera work and hyper-stylized freeze frames don’t serve a purpose or suggest any real talent.  They’re just a desperate plea to look cool.  They work when you’re 16 because you don’t know any better, but I’m no longer 16, so Guy Ritchie and his stylistic ilk sit quite comfortably on my Do Not Want list.

This video, however, proves that there is always an exception to the rule:

Apparently the Guy Ritchie aesthetic works best with pastel colors and twisted sense of humor.  I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.

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