As It’s So Camp, a Few Thoughts Regarding Lady Gaga’s David Bowie Tribute at the Grammys
February 16, 2016

lady gaga david bowie tribute grammys

In case you were under a rock or watching the Westminster Dog Show, the Grammys were on last night, and Lady Gaga took the stage to perform a David Bowie tribute. As a David Bowie tribute, it was…okay, I guess?┬áBut as a Vegas-ready tribute to incidental robot piano rigs, a lack of self-editing, and also David Bowie, it was something else! (That something else is ridiculous.)

I mean, seriously, let’s take another look:


Here’s Arcade Fire Covering “Heroes” at the New Orleans David Bowie Tribute Parade
February 10, 2016

They joined the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to perform in the parade, and it’s every bit the joyful tribute expected from New Orleans and befitting of the incomparable David Bowie.

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