As I’m the Most Relevant of Bloggers, I Just Saw Coraline
March 20, 2009

Coraline was released into theaters on February 6th.  Based on my calculations, I’m right on time to catching this at the height of its buzz in the cultural zeitgeist.  But this post isn’t about blogger relevancy 101, this blog is about seeing Coraline in 3-D.  Trust me, y’all: Coraline is dazzling stuff.  For once, there’s proof in the Hollywood-poster pudding:


That pretty much sums up the experience of seeing Coraline.  “Oh. My. God.”  Or maybe “Crimminy crap, that’s stunning.”  Take your pick.  The entire aesthetic experience of the film, from the whimsical music to the fantasia of candy-colored images unafraid to get drenched in shadows, makes for a truly remarkable 100 minutes.

In case you needed a refresher on the plot (and just how fabulous those visuals are), here’s the trailer:

That’s pretty much the plot: Girl finds door to spectacular other world only to discover that it’s much more deceptive than it first seems.  I would have embedded the online-only trailer, as it gives you a much better sense of just  how surreal and dark the movie’s visuals and tone can be, but the great pleasure in seeing Coraline is that dizzying sense of discovery.  As such, here’s a link should you want to make sure it’s within your range of acceptable weirdness, but know ahead that it takes away more than a little of the fun to be had.


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