Good Evening, America: Here’s Chloe’s “The 12 Days of Christmas”
December 13, 2012

drew droege chloe sevigny twelve days of christmas

With Christmas a mere twelve days away, now’s the right and proper time to check in and see what Drew Droege’s utterly brilliant, barbe-quoi-lovin’ faux Chloë Sevigny (Flauxë Sevigny?), is getting for the twelve days of Christmas, so let’s go see what Chloe’s true love got her, shall we?


Chloë Sevigny Loves Barbeque
July 29, 2011

Good morning, America. It’s recently come to my attention that Chloë Sevigny loves Barbeque. Well, imitation Chloë Sevigny (whom I love) by writer/performer Drew Droege and director Jim Hansen:


Good Evening, America. It Has Recently Come to My Attention That I Love Chloë Sevigny
June 22, 2010

chloe sevigny by drew groege

Well, imitation Chloë Sevigny by writer/performer Drew Droege and director Jim Hansen:

I mean, can you blame me?  Not all of us can are lucky enough to get gifted a high-heeled purse by Little Tic Tac.  Even on our birthdee.  I clearly run in the wrong social circles (the ones that don’t include Tweet).  But no matter.  Let’s talk of carefree things, like our summer plans:


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