Awkward Kristin, the Awkward Best
February 24, 2012

Obviously this viral video is more “a little corner of the internet where the internet is very internet” than “a little corner of the internet where camp is queen.” It’s an auto-tuned cat lady freak out remix or a gangsta using his words (poorly) instead of a “tons-of-f*cking sequins” freak out remix or a suburban girl gangsta drag act using her words (poorly).  Still, this video’s an utter delight in every way, so why not post it?

Besides, do you tell a whore to stop burning while she dances? No. Do you tell a ballerina to stop scissoring with her crazy for the sake of perfection? No. Do you tell a random girl making copies to stop giving us so much Oh-f*ck! FACE when she realizes she’s on a live broadcast?


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