¡Pelea de Gatos!
July 29, 2009

If years of watching trash television and camp sensibility have taught me one thing about catfights, it’s this:

dynasty cat fight delightful

Really, nothing makes my heart go pitter patter as I’m thrust into a giggle fit quite like the sight of two women engaged in a ladylike bought of Mortal Kombat.  Whether it involves fistfuls of hair or a mannequin arm beating, your day is guaranteed to never be less than 110% classy when a catfight is involved.  Everything, save for Mad Men (which is perfect, duh), can be improved by a catfight.  So how do you improve on perfection?  Two words: The Gays.

Fortunately, we have the following video, which I’ve been unable to stop watching since I came across it yesterday.  It’s two gay men screaming, slapping, and threatening each other with a flip-flop.  They’re fighting about…something, but it’s never explained, and that only adds to the more-compelling-than-a-train-wreck nature of this video.  Oh, and did I mention it’s all in Spanish?  I’m basically trying to tell you that it’s the apex of batshit craziness en Español, and you absolutely need to see this mess for yourself:


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