Here’s Arcade Fire Covering “Heroes” at the New Orleans David Bowie Tribute Parade
February 10, 2016

They joined the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to perform in the parade, and it’s every bit the joyful tribute expected from New Orleans and befitting of the incomparable David Bowie.

Greta Gerwig Dancing to Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” Is a Delight!!!
November 8, 2013

greta gerwig youtube music awards

Call me Lermontov, but Greta Gerwig is so charming that I want her to never stop dancing, ever. She could be like the indie darling Victoria Page, except without that tragic mess with the train. But I digress…

The YouTube Music Awards aired this past Sunday, and I missed them. Mostly because I tend to spend my Sundays in the company of lesbians, but also because I’m an Old who does not like change. Besides, the Crotchety Old Queen Prevention Hotline (1-888-NO-BITCH) stopped taking my calls, so I can’t afford yet another award show leaving me bewildered by the popular zeitgeist. Nope and no thank you! Now fetch me my vegan and gluten-free prune juice!

Anyways, I nevertheless tracked down Arcade Fire’s performance, because when I’m not being an old lesbian, I’m being an old lesbian hipster. Greta Gerwig dances, Spike Jonze directs, and while it might sound like an all-you-can-twee buffet, it’s really quite delightful:


It’s Official: Where the Wild Things Are Is My Favorite Movie of 2009
August 7, 2009

I don’t even care that Where the Wild Things Are isn’t out for another two months.  Actually, I do care because I’m over-it-and-a-half with this whole “patience” thing.  Seriously, the first trailer has been around since the end of March!  MARCH!!!  Spike Jonze, the madness must stop!  Even from the first teaser, I was convinced:

where the wild things are the bestest

So convinced from the get go.  But now?  I’m double-convinced!

The  full trailer has finally arrived, and it’s chockfull of stunning imagery, the Arcade Fire goodness, and enough childhood innocence to reduce you to a blubbering mess.  Just like a bomb made of hyper-concentrated nostalgia for the halcyon days of youth, it’s pretty much designed to make a teary-eyed believer out of even the staunchest of cynics.  So have you got your Kleenexes ready?  Good.

Let’s do this thing:


Stop What You’re Doing and Go See Miroir Noir. RIGHT. NOW!
April 20, 2009

Really, y’all.  Saturday afternoon, amidst soup making and reading camp theory outside because the weather’s just too gorgeous to stay indoor (that’s what everybody does with their Saturdays, right?), I took a break from getting my academic nerd on and switched nerd gears and went full on music+film nerd.  I couldn’t help it; there was a two-for-one nerd sale at, and–let’s be frank–I’m a sucker for discount prices.  They’re my Waterloo.

Anywhosie, I’ve digressed.

The point of this all is that I watched Miroir Noir, the recently released documentary about the recording of and subsequent tour for the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, and this movie was nothing short of spectacular.  I mean, there are no words to describe it.  

Oh wait, there are:


I’m not kidding, either.  My face is so melted right now.  Thankfully melted face is all the rage in Milan right now; I’m always glad to find myself accidentally au currant with the latest trends.  But enough with these caffeine-and-enthusiasm-fueled digressions!  

ANYWAYS, I’ll fully admit that you probably need to be a fan of the Arcade Fire for the movie to be a pleasurable viewing; otherwise, you may find yourself unimpressed with a 70-minute experimental documentary that shirks traditional narrative forms in favorite of embraces an audio-visual atmosphere that quite brilliantly captures the mood and thrills of both Neon Bible and the live tour that followed.  The audio mix variously juggles songs in their final form on the album, in early stages of production, or in the raw form of a live performance; it’s a rather psychedelic effect, but in all the best ways possible.  

Chronology of imagery is ignored in favor of building towards an emotional climax.  Without any context to the space and time of where the raw footage is coming from, Miroir Noir abandons the notion of documentary as a specific historical narrative.   Alternating between the epic spirit of their shows and the intimate moments of building their album, Miroir Noir is a love letter to the creative impulse, both a document of and a tone poem devoted to the affective power of music.  

Don’t worry, though.  There are also playful moments, like this one:


Dead Man’s Bones is Reason 762 to Love Ryan Gosling
April 9, 2009

You really don’t need that many reasons to love Ryan Gosling.  The fact that he’s Ryan Gosling is totally enough.  Still, knowing that he’s in a band only adds to the lovability factor, and it also doesn’t hurt that this of his song is really damn good:

It’d be easy to say that this is just my own personal Ryan Gosling love making me biased, but nothing makes me put on my “blech!” face like Half Nelson, so that can’t be it.  I think it’s the fact there’s something wonderfully akin to the Arcade Fire going on with this song, but infused with a thoroughly old-timey church revival vibe.  Added to that, any music video that’s going to look like a silent film directed by Carl Th. Dreyer (they even got the aspect ratio right!) is like favorite-icing atop dream-boyfriend-cake.  And don’t get me started about how I feel about men in vests.  Suffice it to say, it’s a whole ‘nother layer of icing, and it’s possibly the most delicious icing ever created by man.

So, yeah, Dead Man’s Bones, y’all.  They’re your new favorite band.  I hope you can deal with it.  

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for reporting on Dead Man’s Bones.

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch the Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are
March 25, 2009

Make like a shoe slogan and just do it, y’all:

Bam!  Nailed it straight outta the park, Mr. Jonze.  Well played.

As anticipated, this movie looks positively brilliant.  The colors are simply gorgeous, and Lance Acord (the cinematographer) needs to be commended for perfectly capturing the aesthetic of the book.  As for the musical accompaniment to the images, well, Arcade Fire is the best, y’all, and I want that acoustic version of “Wake Up” now.  RIGHT NOW.

I’d heard rumors that Jonze had be using Arcade Fire as temp music during test screenings, but I haven’t read anything since; however, this trailer seems to suggest that  they just might’ve stayed in the final cut.  I really hope so.  If I end up hearing Arcade Fire in Where the Wild Things Are, I will squeal.  Every time a song starts.  

Frankly, they really don’t need to make another trailer.  This one’s perfect.  I want to buy my ticket right now.  

And watch that trailer again.

The Deluxe Edition of It’s Blitz! is All Kinds of Wonderful
March 12, 2009

Sweet corn-on-the-cob with two slabs of butter, y’all.  The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It’s Blitz!, is all kinds of delicious.  Take the lead single, “Zero,” for example:

The whole album is just as strong.  Even as tempos change (“Skeletons” is practically ambient in its mood, and closing ballad “Little Shadows” elegantly burns with its organs and distorted guitars) and styles shift about (“Dull Life” and “Shame and Fortune” recall the punkish howl of Fever to Tell, while “Dragon Lady” grooves like Diana Ross in Studio 54), the instrumentation and production remain gloriously inspired; added to that, Karen O’s voice is just something else entirely, a potent alchemy of rocker grrrl swaggering bravado and pained beauty.  It’s Blitz! is simply glorious.  Seriously, y’all:



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