Here’s Two Kids Fighting About Getting Married
July 25, 2011

She wants to mary him. He wants to make like a howler monkey ‘cos he REALLY doesn’t want to marry her. Is the mother who’s filming this video for viral fame instead of stepping in like a reasonable adult being irresponsible? Yes Maaaybeee. Still, congratulations are most certainly in order.

After all, these two are already fighting like a couple of children, so they’ve got the toughest part of matrimonial bliss down pat! The rest is just a wedding cakewalk of mounting regret and bitterness occasionally punctuated by someone angrily tossing a brandy glass into a fireplace. Congratulations, kids! Love is nothing if not a many-splendored thing.

Much love to the Daily Mail by way of Buzzfeed for this one.

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