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Much Like My Beloved Eno Sounds, MGMT’s SNL Performance of “Brian Eno” Is Delicious
April 26, 2010

Before I watched it Sunday morning (because grandmas and gay men who act like grandmas are both physically incapable of staying up past 9:30 on a Saturday night), I wasn’t sure what to expect from this:

This is mostly because I’ve learned my MGMT lesson since that one time I didn’t know what to expect from the “Flash Delirium” video, and I’m not one to make the same nightmare mistakes twice in my lifetime, or at least until an ample amount of time has passed for me for me to decide I want another ride on the Bad Idea Express.  It’s also worth noting, though, that I didn’t expect them to play their love letter to Brian Eno (and my personal favorite track off Congratulations because it’s awesome and because le duh) as their second number, so that in itself was something pretty awesome surprise:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But let’s be clear on one thing, while my love for “Brian Eno” may never quite reach my love for Brian Eno, even more surprising to me was how much this guy sure brings it awfully close:


The U2 360° Tour Concert Film Will Premiere on YouTube?!? Shut Your Fabulous Face, Interwebs!!!
October 22, 2009

U2 360 YouTube best news ever ever

Oh, hello U2 news that elicited a thousand SQUEEE!s of enthusiasm:

U2 has announced that Sunday night’s concert at the Rose Bowl is being filmed for a future DVD release … and that it will be streamed live online, too. According to an email being sent to subscribers, the webcast will begin at 8:30 pm PT.

I don’t even care that 8:30 pm PT is 11:30 pm over here on the east coast, nor does it make a lick of difference to me that the L.A. Times reports that the concert will remain archived on YouTube after its live premiere, thereby making it possible for me to watch at my convenience.  I’m watching the stream live.  Every last minute of it.

Yes, there are downsides to staying up ’til 2 am on account of your inability to exhibit an ounce of self-control when U2 is involved.  You may be really tired at work the next day for example.  Or perhaps you find yourself having to hide that shiner your roommate gave you because you couldn’t stop shrieking at your computer.  Worthy sacrifices, I’d say.

Seriously, check out this trailer and tell me it won’t be worth a punch to the face:


Add Some Music To Your Day: Are You Kidding Me?!
September 1, 2009

It appears to be a musical day here at Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner, with Benji having already brought some “Spirit” to your morning.  Now, I’ve been pondering what to write about for my next Add Some Music To Your Day.  I was thinking, perhaps a Salute to Sweden, a country that brought us the The Shout Out Louds, Leopold, The Cardigans, and Peter Bjorn & John (and need I even say…ABBA?! ew..) or maybe a rant about how I can’t get Mika’s “We Are Golden” out of my head (even though it totally rips off Annie Lennox’s “Walking On Broken Glass”).  But then the Universe provided me with gold.  Pure gold.

While flipping through the channels, I came across this:

And this:

Apparently, it is a program called “Music In High Places,” where artists are dragged to God knows where to perform accompanied by the majesty of nature.  That’s exactly what the Goo Goo Dolls, masters of the inoffensive overly-emotional soft rock ballad, need to send their melodramatic musical stylings into the stratosphere of utter ri-god-damn-diculousness,

Though, as I watch this, I must admit I feel the faint stirrings of nostalgia, recalling a time when as a young, bright-eyed boy of 17 I was dragged to one of their concerts.   I wasn’t exactly the ideal audience member.  After the band played a new song, John Rzeznik asked, “Do we get our indie cred back now?”  I may or may not have shouted at the top of my lungs, “Did you ever have it?!”

The answer Johnny, is no.  And shit like this just proves it over, and over.

We Have the Answer to the Most Important Question! HUZZAH!!!
July 1, 2009

So, in case you’ve been under a rock, the most important thing in the world, EVER, began yesterday.  Yes, that’s right:


Really, whenever I so much as consider the fact that the U2 360° Tour is an actual thing that’s happening (as opposed to a fever dream of delirious fabulousness from which I’ll inevitably wake up, which turned out to be the case that one time I thought I saw the Popmart Tour, or that one time I saw them at a private gig at a Barnes & Noble), the squealing recommences.  I haven’t blogged as much about it as I said I would, mostly on account of the fact that my coworkers/roommates/the Tri-State area have been complaining about the noise and accompanying bleeding ears, so I’ve tried to keep the U2-thusiasm to a minimum.  Well, seeing as how yesterday’s show in Barcelona officially kicked the tour off, I refuse to be respectful any longer, y’all.  

And while there’re already a-bajillion-and-three things I could say about the tour just from the first show, I’ll cool off for the moment and just focus on answering what we can all agree is the MOST important question: Where’s my Eno?

Why, glory be, he’s here:


Let’s Start Sunday With The Most Important Question: Where’s My Eno?
March 22, 2009

It’s safe to say that my U2 love is quite well documented on here, so it should come as no surprise that I frequently search YouTube for live clips.  So color me giddy when I stumbled upon this little piece of deliciousness this morning:

In an album that stands out as easily being their best work in well over a decade, I think “No Line on the Horizon” is without a doubt the best of those tracks.  U2 has a knack for making great album openers, but this tripped-out sonic ocean of guitar noises and layered drum loops simply nails it.  And when the final verse explodes from spacey-ambiance it to full on sonic assault, well, I pretty much lose it; needless to say, that makes for the morning commute to work pretty special when I suddenly start screeching like a total crazy.

Given that the success of the song is as much in the production as it is the raw form of the songwriting, snaps must go to U2 for finding so much drama in such a stripped down, intimate setting.  But, seriously: Where’s my Eno?  June 30th marks the beginning of the U2 360° Tour, which is guaranteed to be a completely fabulous affair.  I’m so excited that I’ve completely accepted that I’ll be making a sojourn to New Jersey, which is like Orpheus walking into Hell for his true love, except with more Aqua Net and ridiculously painted nails.  As such, I fully expect to have Eno-riffic beeps and boops contribute to a day’s worth of stunted hearing after the show, otherwise things just won’t quite feel complete.  Don’t let me down, U2!  I don’t want to suffer the soul-crushing experience of day-tripping to Jersey just to hear a complete lack of Eno sounds; that would be dreadful.

Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody will pick up their phone for weeks after I see that show because I’ll be such a nightmarish ball of let-me-bend-your-ear-some-more-about-how-amazing-U2-is adoration.  Work will forbid me to listen to music because it’ll be all U2, all the time; and I’ll generally become completely socially ostracized until I get it all out of my system.  This is just part of the cycle.  So carry on, U2.  Carry on.

St. Patrick’s Day is Here, and That Can Mean Only One Thing
March 17, 2009

Orange-Mocha Frappucinnos (spiked with Bailey’s and Jameson!) Vintage live U2 clips!  Here’s them performing “Mysterious Ways” on their Popmart Tour:  

The Edge’s guitar solo at the end is pretty much enough to get anyone drunk in my book, but I’m a notorious lightweight.  Hopefully you’re not seeing double, because he’s another round:


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