Is It Possible to A Capella U2’s “Discotheque” Without Irony?

fork a capella

As it’s St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed like a perfectly fair and otherwise rare opportunity to blog about U2, but in my quest to find something that was still appropriately camp, I instead discovered a Finnish a capella group Fork. You know, as one does.

The third most impressive thing I discovered this evening about Fork is that they exist, which unto itself seems like a small victory, though I’m not sure for whom.

The second is the above picture, which is insane. It’s like a dinner theater production of The Matrix, or a portrait of the Four BDSM Horsemen of Conflicting Ideas About What Sexy Looks Like, but then I tell you it’s in fact a promo photo for an a capella group and oops! Your head just f*cking exploded.

The most impressive thing by far, though, is the fact that they performed U2’s “Discotheque”, which I’m pretty sure they meant it without irony:

Like, this is a cover of a song that U2 would perform at the PopMart Tour after emerging from a giant mirrorball lemon, and that lead singer is dressed like he’s auditioning for William Friedkin’s Cruising, but holy moly do they seem sincere! Seriously, I can’t tell if this a capella “Discotheque” is meant in earnest or if Finnish intentional camp is the ultimate deep cut of knowing irony.

That said, I’m definitely into this, particularly the part where there’s so much fringe happening that even I’m like, “Girl, can we talk?”

[pic via Artist & Evenbolaget]

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