Taylor Swift Is Younger, Hungrier, and Coming Down the Stairs After You

taylor swift is nomi malone showgirls

As someone who has built a blog out of desperate, threadbare references to Showgirls, I’m always thrilled when I come across someone else making a tenuous connection to Nomi Malone and Co. They’re doing Goddess work, really.

So imagine my slackjawed joy when I found this video of Taylor Swift giving Nomi Malone chills in spades. It’s short, sweet, and depending upon your office’s policy on very blurry yet technically bare breasts, arguably NSFW, so kindly remind your boss this is where High Art meets Explosive Journalism, and please watch this Very Important Video after the jump:

Everything about this video is revelatory, incontrovertible, and perfect. Taylor Swift is Nomi Malone…haha, just kidding! Elizabeth Berkeley is Nomi Malone. Everybody knows it, and nobody should ever forget it, but Taylor Swift is an apt pupil and an essential reminder that there’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you, and sometimes they’ll steal your moves, too:

showgirls thrust it


[GIF via More Burritos Pleez]

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