TGIF! Now Let’s All Rejoice That There’s a New Ladyhawke Song!

ladyhawke wild things
Yesterday, Ladyhawke (aka, my favorite synth pop artist, aka, Pip Brown) announced her new album, Wild Things, would be out on June 3rd. Better still, a lyric video for her new single, “A Love Song”, was out now. Naturally, I reacted accordingly.

It’s one thing that her album shares the same name as the greatest erotic noir cinematic trashterpiece of all time, but it’s something else entirely that her sublimely ebullient slice of synth pop single has come in a form reminiscent of my favorite psychedelically insane cat GIF of all time. What I’m trying to say is if every Friday deserves a dance party, this Friday is particularly deserving, and it’s got “A Love Song”:


While I’ll be the first to admit I’d greet any new music Ladyhawke has to offer with a thousand well manicured prayer hand emojis, I’m particularly feeling that this isn’t just another love song, but that it’s also about getting sober, which I do believe deserves a thousand painted nailed emojis, too.

The second verse addresses the topic:

I’m falling down
Too much to drink again
You pull me up
And tell me how it could end
This is what a love song sounds like
I gave it up
I don’t wanna hurt anymore

And then there’s also The Wild Things album description over on Polyvinyl’s website, which talks about Ms. Brown’s decision to quit drinking. Pop culture tends to conflate having fun with getting f*cked up, and as someone who can wholly empathize, I think it’s particularly awesome to have such a joyful, danceable representation of what life can be like on the other side.

After all, it’s a gift just to be able to make that choice for yourself, but doubly so when you can share it with with others, and particularly so when you can dance to it.

[via Ladyhawke]

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