TBT PSA: Pokemon Live Existed, and Andrew Rannells Was In It

You might think that Pokemon has no business being on a blog that’s so limp wristed it’s a wonder it ever gets written, and you’d be right! Much like a last lingering feint of heterosexuality, I haven’t touched the stuff since high school, but apropos of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary (not that I’d know) (jk; I’d totally know), let’s please take a moment to revel in the fact that Pokemon Live was touring theatrical musical experience that actually existed (!), and Andrew Rannells (!!!) was in it (!!!!!).

Yes, I’m talking the Andrew Rannells, he of the enviably perpetual babyface, my 2nd favorite of the Broadway Hedwigs (behind John Cameron Mitchell, of course), and one third of my new favorite celebrity dream thruple Andrew Rannells and Corey Stoll on Girls and Please Don’t Forget Me, or RannellStollME, for short. In case you don’t believe me, here’s his hottest moment from the commercial in GIF form, where he plays James:

andrew rannells as james in pokemon live

Perfect. It’s like an anime-obsessed drag queen decided to do cosplay-theme for bingo night, but then she got too busy catching them all (the drink tickets, that is) and forgot to put on her face even though she was going on stage in five minutes, so she grabbed her favorite hag (the one who’s dumpy enough to not get all the attention, but not so dumpy as to be sausage repellant), threw her in a complimentary yet unflattering costume (because she has gotta sparkle, but she can’t outshine), and went onstage with no face on and mere seconds to spare and. BUT AT LEAST SHE DIDN’T FORGET HER ROSE.

As if this commercial weren’t enough, there’s an entire 30-minute making-of advertisement “documentary”. Andrew Rannells shows up around the 5:00 minute mark, but the whole thing is arguably worth a watch:

It’s like if somebody made Burden of Dreams for the Pokemon-fan-meets-theater-queen set (a particular venn diagram, were there ever), and it’s also a great way to learn all the different ways to say “Please don’t look at me; I’ve got bills to pay”…with your eyes.

And in case you don’t care to watch, here’s what Andrew Rannells looked like back when he was just happy that Nintendo’s check cleared:

andrew rannells pokemon live

What a twink! I swear, its like he hasn’t aged a day, even if that hair is definitely Feria honeycomb blond circa 2000. I’m not usually into that, but I’m totally into that, even if that means we have to scissor.

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