She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes Dress

whoopi goldberg oscars 2016

I’d meant to mention yesterday that Whoopi Goldberg looking amaaazing at the Academy Awards, but by the time I got to writing my pitch for a sequel to Carol Oscar wrap-up, I was already food drunk off a store-bought stromboli and an entire box of sadness (Elio’s frozen pizza), so whoopsi*. But this just means Whoopi gets her own post, which is better for us all. And besides, at least I never confused Whoopi with Oprah Winfrey.

ANYWAYS, Whoopi Goldberg’s Oscar ensemble says she’s got an EGOT and a bankful of The View money. She’s looking fabulous and giving zero f*cks, and I love that she’s brought out her tattoo and a giant octopus bracelet to accent her classic black dress. But wait! Speaking of “classic”, it gets Bette!**

It turns out that her dress was inspired by the dress Bette Davis wore in All About Eve:


To which I respond:

scanners head explosion

I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect homage (WHERE’S THE BROACH?), but I am positively thrilled Ms. Goldberg is taking sartorial inspiration from Margot Channing. We should all be so luck as to have an opportunity in our daily life to take a cue from All About Eve, an essential film I imagine Sam Smith has never seen, but once he does, he’ll insist he was the first to discover.

*I’ll see myself for that one.

**I’ll see myself out for that one, too.

[Whoopi Goldberg via The Oscars; Bette Davis image via Fanpop; much love to Dana for this one.]

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