And the Winner Should Be…Tracy Morgan, for The Danish Girl!

tracy morgan danish girl

At the very least, last night’s Oscars were better than I’d expected. We didn’t solve America’s race problems, but Chris Rock was given enough room to provide some humorous yet honest commentary on Hollywood’s “sorority” racism. Better still, there was a truly great bit about black actors in white movies, which included the indisputable highlight of the evening, Tracy Morgan in The Danish Girl:

YES! Tracy Morgan is a national treasure, and everything about this is great, but I particularly love the way he really nails Eddie Redmayne’s effete gesticulations. It’s like someone gave a queen terrible news right before she was set to make her drag ball debut (the category is: Post-War Copenhagen Boho Realness). It’s as apt as it is amazing, a great goof on the best work of naive camp in 2015. Tracy Morgan deserves an award for this, though I believe his performance is best summarized in its own GIF…

tracy morgan danish is good girl

These danishes is good, girl.

[GIFs via GIFUniverse and WFAA, respectively.]

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