A Few Scant Thoughts on the 88th Annual Academy Awards

joan crawford oscars 1946

Seeing as it’d feel odd to not follow up yesterday’s predictions with at least some sort of wrap-up, but also seeing as I’d much rather eat an entire stromboli and get caught up on The People v. OJ Simpson, here’s a few scant thoughts on the 88th annual Academy Awards. It’s just enough to say “I still care” without it ending in a caterwaul of famished sobs:

  • Maybe I was just in an impenetrably good mood after front loading the evening with a sleeve of lemon meringue cookies, but I enjoyed this year’s Oscars more than I expected. I attribute a lot of this to Chris Rock’s hosting. He brought a welcome dose of irreverence to the conversation that felt pointed and political without being alienating. I’m not saying every joke landed, but I can’t imagine another host addressing the topic of diversity with such directness, either.
  • Alicia Vikender’s win for The Danish Girl was a really pleasant surprise, though I’m guessing this means the Academy misspelled Ex Machina.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road taking either Best Picture or Best Director always felt like a long shot, so I’m glad it more or less swept the technical side of the awards. It’s a towering achievement in sound and vision, and it deserved every award it won.
  • More importantly, Jenny Beavan gave us my absolute favorite Costume Designer ensemble since Lizzy Gardiner’s Gold Amex Dress in ’93. Better still, she also gave us the winners for Best Friends at My Dream Brunch, Cate Blanchett and Jenny Beavan:

jenny beavan oscar win cate blanchett

  • Carol was shutout entirely. It’s disappointing, without a doubt, but I’m processing my grief through my new spec script. It’s called Carol 2: Best Friends Dream Brunch.
  • Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” probably shouldn’t be used to play the winners off, particularly the winner was for the Hungarian Holocaust drama, Son of Saul.
  • My favorite moment of the evening is still Tracy Morgan in The Danish Girl, but my second favorite goes to Sam Smith for thinking he was the first out gay man to win an Oscar. It’s a classic case of what happens when your friend, Gay Ambien, gets hot and suddenly thinks every guy at the club is totally obsessed with him. We’ve all been there.
  • Also, I had been looking for a reason to post this GIF:fiona-apple-academy-awardsSo thank you, Gay Ambien.
  • Obviously I’m happy for Leonardo DiCaprio, but I was really sad he forgot to thank his true love, a Bowl of Pasta.
  • Lastly, I think the most interesting bit of the Oscars in fact has nothing to do with the show itself, but everything that may (or may not) happen after. I expect no sea changes, but maybe, just maybe this Academy Awards can have served a real purpose in opening the door a little bit wider for diversity. I guess we’ll have to tune in next year to find out.

[pic of Jenny Beavan and Cate Blanchett via The Evening Standard]

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