Today’s Best Costume: “Little Edie Dances for Barbara Walters”

little edie grey gardens best costume for the day

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to introduce several of my officemates to the seminal 1975 documentary (and personal favorite) Grey Gardens, so naturally I had to have a Grey Gardens themed post today. It’s the best blog costume for the day, really.

Anyways, I’d hoped to find some footage of Little Edie’s cabaret act, but that sadly doesn’t seem to exist, so instead I found this video that purports to be Little Edie dancing for Barbara Walters. It’s not quite what it sounds like, but what it is totally insane and otherwise best left unspoilt.

The language is unexpectedly salty, so grab a basket of chips and vinegar and throw on your headphones, because even thought it’s a little NSFW, this hump-day treat is positively delicious:

It’s very difficult to keep the line between Little Edie and the Broadway actress who played her, you know, which I guess is why this misleading title is what it is, but this video is still super great.

Like, I get that what Barbara Walters said was a little shady, but given The View‘s target demographic, I’m guessing most people who were watching probably didn’t know who Christine Ebersole is, so I’d consider this an accidental read at best. That said, I love the fact that some Christine Ebersole somewhere was so upset by this bitchy insinuation that they took not to a comment board or a blog post, but to YouTube. And they didn’t just vlog their wrath, oh no, they set their rage stroke to a dance remix! It’s perfect!

Really, though, I’ve always known better than to cross the Cult of Callas, but Hell truly hath no fury like a Theater Queen for Christine Ebersol scorned. They’re staunch, S-T-A-U-N-C-H.

[image via The Frisky]

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