This Rosie O’Donnell Show Interview with Liza Minnelli Is Something Else

liza minnelli rosie odonnell show

It’s my belief that all things are made better by Liza Minnelli, and so today I propose a little MWM: Monday With Minnelli. In particular, I’d like to suggest this interview with an “I” between Ms. Minnelli and the inspiration for Cabaret 2‘s favorite person, Rosie O’Donnell. It’s something else from top (O’Donnell) to bottom (David Gest), so give it a watch and let’s discuss:

Ooh boy, shall we?

  1. For starters: that hair. It’s not that it’s bad, but I’m so used to Liza Minnelli sporting some sort of variation of her signature short ‘do that I had to do a double take when she took the stage. Are we sure that’s actually Liza and not somebody’s aunt doing a well honed impression? Does Liza’s hair even grow that long? The answers, it would seem, are yes and apparently.
  2. For seconds: that box. It’s a throwaway moment, for sure, but that moment where they talk about the box they placed under Liza’s chair so her feet won’t dangle is f*cking weird. Either Liza’s very tiny or those chairs are very big. Either way, it’s a truly strange aside, and I have this image of Liza’s legs flitting about childlike without the security box, which is rather delightful.
  3. Of course, we must discuss Liza and Rosie discussing David Gest. It’s totally bizarre to see these two candidly gabbing about Minnelli and Gest’s meeting like some celebrity wet dream version of a Sex and the City brunch (Liza’s a Charlotte, and Rosie’s a Samantha, obviously). Not only does Liza finds Gest attractive, she finds him so attractive that she has to cross her legs and double-down on her assertion: he’s very attractive. I’m pretty certain the audience has no idea who she’s talking about, but no matter. They will.
  4. Lastly, and I think this is the point I find most compelling: this episode aired eight days after September 11th. It isn’t iconic like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show monologue or Saturday Night Live‘s return, but as a document of early post-9/11 entertainment television, this interview is totally fascinating in its own right. Liza’s rendition of “New York, New York” is certainly poignant, but nobody seems to know how to talk about what had happened just yet, so outside of a couple oblique references and Rosie’s FDNY tee, they don’t. As a cultural artifact, it’s weird enough as is to see Liza Minnelli talk about first meeting David Gest, but its infinitely more bizarre when you realize this gossipy small talk between two celebrities is an effort to entertain in the wake of a national tragedy.



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