It’s Valentine’s Day, So Here’s Oscar Isaac and Carla Gugino Performing “Love Is The Drug”

oscar isaac carla gugino sucker punch love is the drug

As if that wasn’t enough to make all your Valentine’s Day dreams come true, if you squint hard enough at this pic you can pretend Carla Gugino’s pegging Oscar Isaac, which I’ve been told is very on trend in 2016.

ANYWAYS, here’s the Internet’s Latest Boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, and forever object of my camp affection, Carla Gugino, covering Roxy Music’s “Love Is The Drug” in a deleted scene from Zack Snyder’s Zack-Snyder-iest movie, Sucker Punch:

You know, whenever I watch this clip, I always wonder what Sucker Punch could have been. Like, there are so many random shots of crazy-ass dance numbers and slow-motion makeup application that you’d think Sucker Punch is the dream Zack Snyder has after he watches every Baz Lurhmann movie and then falls asleep on a bed of Racquel Welch wigs. Not Showgirls, per se, but definitely Top 10 of All Time.

Instead, Sucker Punch is like the mescalin-fueled fever dream of a come-to-life Ain’t It Cool News comment section that took a nap on a single Racquel Welch wig and then played some Xbox. Not terrible, per se, but definitely only Top 10 of 2011.

And since it’s Valentine’s Day, I see no reason to fight over our boyfriend, Oscar Isaac. It’s the internet, so there’s plenty of sad Photoshop opportunities to go around. That said, I’d like to stake my claim (and internet crush hipster cred) with this artistic rendition of my feelings after I first saw Sucker Punch opening weekend:

nobody puts baby in a horner oscar isaac sucker punch sad fan art


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