Super Mother Bug Breaking News! Ashley Judd Is Coming to Twin Peaks!

ashley judd bug

As if there weren’t enough reasons to be excited, Ashley Judd (seen above looking down and out in great way in William Friedkin’s brilliant adaptation of Tracy Letts’ Bug) has been cast in Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks. No word yet on who she’ll play, but this is excellent news because Ashley Judd is wonderful and isn’t cast in nearly enough stuff for my taste.

Also, it’s as good of an excuse as any to post this bugf*ck crazy (laaazy pun intended) clip from the end of Bug, which is one of my favorite things. Ever. Spoilers, obviously, but if you haven’t already seen it, consider it also an invitation to do so:


Obviously I doubt Ms. Judd will be reprising her role as the Super Mother Bug, but I’m super mother bug thrilled David Lynch and Mark Frost have brought her on board, and I hope they let her bring the crazy in spades when the new season of Twin Peaks airs in 2017.

And since it seems there’s still casting to be done, is it too late to bring on Laura Harring, Rena Riffel, and Justin Theroux’s circa-2000 eyebrows?

justin theroux mulholland dr eyebrows

I mean, with Naomi Watt having already joined the cast, why not just go whole hog with a Mulholland Dr. reunion, too?

[Deadline via Vulture; Bug pic via Imgur]

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