Never Forget Groundhog Day 2014

It’s Groundhog Day today, which means a groundhog may or may not see its shadow, we may or may not have six more weeks of winter, and whatever the weather, we’ll definitely continue to avoid facing the realities of climate change. So in lieu of a conversation about carbon taxes (blech, so boring!), let’s never forget Groundhog Day 2014, a Groundhog Day that will live in infamy.

Yes, Groundhog Day 2014, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went to Staten Island (of course it would be Staten Island) and dropped Charlotte the groundhog like he’s been trying to drop the rent. Just listen to those screams. Positively blood-chilling. (And not at all disproportionate to the situation, too.)

So you know, it’s probably some kind of delayed karmic retribution that less than a week and a half after a city-halting blizzard, today’s high in NYC is nearly 50 degrees. Yes, definitely that and not the other thing.

de blasio groundhog


[via Gawker]

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