Where Are Rita Ora’s Eyebrows?

rita ora no eyebrows

Here’s a picture Rita Ora, whom I’m most familiar with as the ex-girlfriend of a future Taylor Swift song and the francophillic sister in an erotic thriller for third-year law students, did for a photoshoot for Clash Magazine, and it’s really great, if you’re into trichotillomania. Personally, I’ve been studying this picture for the better part of the day, and I’m just as confused as Rita Ora looks in this picture. I mean, really, where are her eyebrows?

Did she forget to draw them on, and if so, how? Was she afraid they’d clash with her heart-shaped leopard print? Is albinism the new Look, and if so, can we stop that, Fashion? Will somebody issue an AMBER alert for her eyebrows, or did they just go on a spiritual journey and promise to return when they’ve found themselves, so please stop worrying? Seriously, where are they??

I’m asking for a friend.

[via Oh No They Didn’t! by way of Dlisted]

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