Cate Blanchett Will Not Have Your Stupid Questions, Either

cate blanchett cinderella interview

In what I can only hope becomes one of the defining trends of 2015, another incredibly talented actress gave a delightfully Done With It response to a very stupid question. This time, a journalist asked Cate Blanchett a very stupid question about cats on leashes while she was doing press for Cinderella, and Cate Blanchett was not having it at all:

She really cinches her displeasure with that gloriously awkward high five. Gold star, Ms. Blanchett. Simply marvelous. I hope we all remember this one during awards season.

Really, though, I’m not sure which is better: “Is that your f**king question?!?” or “What does that mean?”, but I am quite certain Cate Blanchett and Jessica Lange should start a club for Actresses Who Aren’t Having It With Your Stupid F**king Questions. Agenda items can include “There Are Such Things As Stupid Questions: A Share-Based Support Group” and “Shutting Up To Shut It Down: Making Your Eye Rolls Speak For You.” Christina Aguilera will act as President, of course, because even though she’s mostly a musician, she definitely acted in Burlesque, and she will have you killed for f**kcing coughing in her presence. [via E! Online]

One Response

  1. reese Witherspoon will also not answer your stupid question, especially about what designer she’s whoreing out. Actresses are smart and have brains just like regular common people! Also it’s Valentino you stupid, stupid c&@t!!!!!!


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