12 Hot Celebrities Who Should Teach Us How to Navy Shower

With only a year’s supply of water left, Californians are eager to find ways to conserve water pronto! One of the suggestions I keep hearing about is taking a navy shower, but when you look up how to take a navy shower, you get videos like the one above: informative, serviceable, and not one single sexy famous person in sight! Seriously, is California’s diminishing water supply even an issue if much, much prettier people aren’t telling us it’s a problem? No! And will we pay attention unless it’s a packaged in a listicle that guarantees at least a little nip? NO. There’s but one sensible solution: navy shower educational videos by super hot celebrities.

That’s why I’ve put together this proposed list of twelve blistering hot celebrities who should Show Us Some Peen If You Want Us to Go Green™. The thirst is real, after all, but if these celebs don’t drop trou to take a stand for navy showers, it’s gonna get literal for California, y’all:

Ryan Gosling [via]

ryan gosling crazy stupid love

Steve Carrell’s head ruined everything the first time, so the internet doth demand a do-over.

Henry Cavill [via]

henry cavill shirtless

Zac Snyder should direct Cavill’s How-To video, because the Signature Zac Snyder Shot is someone dripping in water in slow motion.

Chris Pratt [via]


I prefer ye olde Fat Pratt, but I won’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. In fact, I’d encourage it.

Jesse Williams [via]:

jesse williams shirtless

He puts the hot in the hot garbage that is Grey’s Anatomy.

Jon Hamm [via]

jon hamm don draper mad men season 4

I know this is all about navy showers, but f**k it. Hamm can leave the suit on, if he wants.

Ben Affleck’s D**k in Gone Girl [via]

ben affleck gone girl shower

Just his d**k, though. It’s the only time people seemed actually excited about seeing him in that movie.

Nomi Malone [via]

showgirls shower

She’s not a whore; she’s a water conservation enthusiast!

Frank Ocean [via]

frank ocean shirtless selfie

Channel Orange is a brilliant album, so the soundtrack to a Frank Ocean navy showers video would be top-shelf, but let’s call a spade a spade: I wanted an excuse to post this selfie.

Helmut Berger [via]


Helmut Berger looks well, wouldn’t you agree?

Raul Castillo [via]

raul castillo looking

There are two kinds of Looking fans: those who ship Richie with Patrick, and those who are WRONG. This video’s for the former.

Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending [via]

channing tatum jupiter ascending

A controversial choice, perhaps, but if you’re gonna get the internet to make like Paula Deen and squirt butter, you’d better serve them some piping hot Blonde Ambition Space Wolf gorgeousness.

Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth, Circa 2011 [via]


They’re already plenty used to barely getting cleaned anyways, so this would be totally method!

So there you have it: 12 Hot Celebrities Who Should Teach Us How to Navy Shower! Feel free to let me know your own picks in the comments below!

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