TGIF! Now Here’s Jessica Lange’s Perfect Response to Lady Gaga Joining American Horror Story

The internet has momentarily clutched its pearls and lost its damn mind over over whatever this means, and oh dear god, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!? Well, whatever it means, it’s perfect.

The consensus seems to be that Jessica Lange shaded Lady Gaga over her joining the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel, so shots fired, queens! And sure, while that’s entirely possible, I think we should all be asking what kind of dumb question is “Does Gaga convince you [Jessica Lange] to stay for another season?” Seriously, what does that mean? Jessica Lange is Jessica F***ing Lange, and she does as she pleases, no questions asked!

That all said, I haven’t loved a response to Lady Gaga this much since The L.A. Times asked Christina Aguilera about Gaga back in 2008. “What does that mean?” is the new “I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest.”

Oh, and bonus points to Sarah Paulson screaming “Fire! Fire!” It’s like she already knows how Ms. Lange feels about AHS:Hotel‘s stunt queen casting, and she’s grabbing her popcorn for the upcoming show. It really cinches the whole moment, don’t you think?

[via Dlisted]

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