I’m Concerned About This Search Engine Term, You Guys

search terms

Sure, I’m always interested to see what drives traffic to this little corner of the internet, and I don’t mean to be a mom about anybody’s internet privileges, but I’m concerned about this search engine term, you guys. Feeling blue-curious about Dr. Manhattan’s atomic todger? Fine. Desperate to find a mediocre song in a manipulative movie trailer? Okay! But “im nobodys back up plan” (sic)? Please stop surfing the internet and hide the sharp objects, because yikes!

Are you looking for answers because you’re worried you’re not the backup plan…for anybody…and you found your way here? Were you hunting for fodder for your single-and-“loving”-it Pinterest board, but you still ended up at this post, because abs, maybe? Or perhaps this picture:


Because identification, I guess? I don’t know, but whoever you are, please, look at your life, look at your search history, and look at your choices. Help is out there, but this search term is just grim–and that’s coming from a blog with a tag devoted to Cat Ladies.



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