What Do You Mean, Everything That’s “Wrong” With Showgirls?!?

The “problem” with being a pathological Showgirls obsessive with a blog (such as myself) is that you don’t get very many legitimate reasons to write about Showgirls. We don’t live in a world that finds new ways on the daily to celebrate Paul Verhoeven’s timeless gesamtkunstwerk (I know, UNFORTUNATELY), so mostly you’re left making Showgirls references. Lots…and lots…of Showgirls references. It’s a charmed life, for sure, but one perhaps grasping (if not gasping) for relevance.

So it’s definitely a day for celebration when the good folks at CinemaSins make an “Everything Wrong With” video about the greatest thing to happen to the cinema since Mary Pickford sliced bread! Hooray, Showgirls is relevant again! (“Manage your expectations, queen” – Everybody else.)

Of course, this video has got it all wrong, because everything that’s “wrong” with Showgirls is what in fact makes it so profoundly right, but whatever. This show ain’t called “Semantics.” And besides, as the zen koan wrapped in a dance freak that is Nomi Malone would observe: It doesn’t suck.

One Response

  1. I’m just aghast that it’s twenty years ago. I’m clutching my pearls with joyous anticipation at the commemorations to come. Do you think Rena Riffel has anything up her sleeve?


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