Is This Colorized Still of Joan Crawford in Humoresque Art?


Seriously, y’all, is this art?

I ask because my idea of of a masterpiece is a still life of ham; otherwise, I’m likely to to spend my time at the Met reenacting Lindsay Lohan’s finest moment in Liz & Dick. So unless it’s a 140-year-old painting of second breakfast at Paula Deen’s place, I’m probably not the best judge as to whether a colorized still of Joan Crawford in Humoresque qualifies as art. Maybe I’m being a drag, but I think you need more than a jpeg and the Photoshop paint bucket to kiki with the great masters.

That said, if art is in the eye of the beholder, this beholder loves for Joan Crawford, Joan Crawford in Humoresque, and drag clowns, so sure, why not? It’s ART, y’all, and I love it.

[Art by Olivier Carmen via Artween]


One Response

  1. That’s not art but Humoresque is one of the finest masterpieces of all time.


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