The Latest Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Is the Best Lindsay Lohan Mugshot


As we’ve all probably heard, Fornarina fashionista and coulda-shoulda Black Swan queen Lindsay Lohan opted for 90 days in lockdown rehab after pleading “no contest” to reckless driving and lying to the cops. This is why you’re being served some hardened-prison-bitch realness right now. (That cocked eyebrow is killing it…with a shank.) ANYWAYS, I’m convinced this is Lindsay Lohan’s best mugshot, so let’s discuss why:

  1. You Can Count the Fucks She Gives. Tally: None. She clearly gives no fucks.
  2. You Can Brand It. We have enough Lindsay Lohan mugshots that it’d complete a mail-to-order, late-night dining set. LiLo better hurry fast, otherwise somebody’s Etsy will make serious coin.
  3. It’s Part of Her Oeuvre. (See 1.) This mugshot simply screams “I’m bored. I’m so bored!” (.GIF)Liz & Dick (unfortunately) lives to see another day!
  4. We Should All Be So Lucky. Nobody should want a mugshot, but if that’s the way it goes, we should all practice our best smug mugshot face just in case. Even the police deserve glamour.

So those are my thoughts. Feel free to share yours below. Love ya!

(much love to Dlisted by way of TMZ)


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