The Theme of the Week’s Been “Eating Things,” So Here’s an Ad for Vagine Cuisine

Laaadieees, have you ever wished your muff tasted like an oral…Mex buffet? Of course you haven’t, BUT LET’S PRETEND:

Especially spicy fajita, girlfriend. And thanks to Vagine Cuisine, now your Down South can taste truly South of the Border! OLÉ!

Sure, a snoochamagooch tasting like “creamy eggs benedict” or “spicy fajita” is most likely a sign of infection, but Vagine Cuisine’s so utterly batshit an idea that I still wish this was a real relic of advertising. Like from some 1980s “marital aide specialist.” Or that neighborhood hussy who thought a bagful of dildos was an “open-minded” Tupperware party. Oh, if only!

Much love to Buzzfeed for this one.

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