Peggy’s Awkard Dancing Is Another Great Mad Men Dancing GIF

While not as enchanting as Lane “Belt Buckle o’ Beef” Pryce’s erotically charged Dance of No Veils (sit down, Salome!), Peggy Olson’s variation on the Twist (let’s call it the Hot ‘n Awkard) with her pinko-rag-writing boyfriend Abe Drexler is certainly the most hypnotic Mad Men GIF since Peggy rode that motorcycle. Really, those moves: so socially anxious, and so hot right now! (“Now” being 1966, of course, though I hear vintage is in this season.) Besides, if nothing else, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who dances like they’re in desperate need of a neck brace. Dance, Peggy, dance! Shake, Abe, shake! And for the love of those fabulous window treatments, DON’T SPILL THAT MARTINI!

Much love to Stories by Michelle by way of Pajiba for this one.

6 Responses

  1. LOL “in need of a neckbrace”


  2. I have to see you dance now…


    • Moya, his dancing is in need of a neck brace…especially if he tries to incorporate any sliding moves…


  3. Haha great post. Poor Peggy


  4. […] Via: […]


  5. Ahhhh! I am so glad this is here! Ive been rewatching this episode trying to find this moment! When I saw it originally I laughed out loud. Peggy was so wasted.


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