In Honor of MDNA’s Release, Here’s a Really Great Music Video for Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”

At this point, it’s almost not even worth mentioning that Madonna’s MDNA came out earlier this week. After all, if you’re reading this, chances are either you or at least one of your friends is a friend of Dorothy, which means either you or at least one of your friends has spent the past few days sashaying up and down your Facebook News Feed with quips and comments about the new Madonna album. Simply put: WE KNOW ALREADY, QUEEN. Hell, I’d offer my own two cents, but Madonna has so much money she probably scoffs at small change like a bouquet of hydrangeas. Besides, the last album I shared my thoughts on was Christina Aguilera’s Bionic, and we all know how well that turned out.

ANYWAYS, this wouldn’t the blog it is without some sort of MDNA-related post (duh), so here’s a music video for Madonna’s latest single, “Girl Gone Wild.” It may not be the official video, but it probably should be:

Sure, this video may not have what the official “Girl Gone Wild” video has (interweb dance sensation Kazaky, too-hot-for-Youtube sexually suggestive imagery, the tried and true trope of Madonna humping on shit), but where it lacks it makes up for threefold with the sensual gyrations and seductive smile of a true internet artiste: Orphic Oxtra Girl! Forget Eastern European boys in heels, Madge. Make this Icelandic dancing queen your new lucky little superstar of EVERYTHING!

One Response

  1. It really is pretty sublime. And it features a cat as well as dated 70s video effects like posterization (and a particularly inelegant dancer in a 70s leotard). But the best bit is–you are back blogging!


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